Who we are?

Our 15 years of expertise in research and strategic consultancy enables us to come up with exclusive ideas that would enhance your brand’s performance through clear analyses of complex human nature with our unique and boutique research methods.
The experienced ThinkAloud Team, consisting of project managers, statisticians, strategists and consultants, does not only reveal just the findings of research for their customers, but, by converting consumer insights to marketing and communication plans it also defines the action steps needed for reaching and, in most cases, exceeding sales targets.
As research and strategy specialists, we provide fast, productive and boutique services through our Smart Data System by carrying out the correct model for the right task with accurate sampling.
Our Expertise
Communication and marketing action plans as well as interesting insights
Methodologies and reports unique to each customer
Special analysis methods revealing the unseen
Unique research types aimed at different industries and ethnographic structures
Catchy brand stories that translates to sales performances